What’s Up With the Kittens?

Kittens Everywhere!

July 21, 2016

Cats may have taken the Internet by storm with their quizzical facial expressions and their insatiable desire for cheeseburgers, but they are just as much fun in low-tech forms of entertainment.

Attack of the Killer Kittens by Next Left Studios, is a card game for children and adults, featuring many of the things that make kittens so much fun. The cats in this fast-paced tabletop game always land on their feet, narrowly preserving their nine lives. If you think your feisty family pet has an element of the attack cat in him, wait until you see the killer kittens in the game do battle.

When playing Attack of the Killer Kittens, each player starts out with nine cards, representing the cat’s nine lives, and actions in the game represent the defensive and offensive moves in killer kittens’ battles, resulting in one or more kittens losing lives. Attack of the Killer Kittens is a card game of elimination, so when your kitten runs out of lives, you get eliminated. Luck plays some role, but the outcome of the kitten battles is primarily determined by strategy.

The basic Attack of the Killer Kittens card deck contains 120 cards featuring colorful, cartoony images depicting kitten battle moves. The Killer Kitten cards are attack moves, while the Hero Kitten cards are defensive moves. You can play with as few as two or as many as eight players, and one game usually lasts about 15 minutes, which means that one rainy afternoon of tabletop game playing allows for ample time for ongoing feuds to develop.

The family that plays tabletop games together stays together, and Attack of the Killer Kittens is a great game to play with children. Kids who are old enough to play Uno and crazy eights will get a kick out of Attack of the Killer Kittens. The game moves at a much faster pace than many other games that require a comparable level of strategy.

Attack of the Killer Kittens also appeals to an older crowd; for example, it is the ideal game to play in a college dorm on a snow day. There is even a Not Suitable for Work (NSFW) version of the card game available, so the claws can really come out when the killer kittens battle it out at social gatherings where everyone is at least 18. The NSFW version is similar to the original, just less kid-friendly.